How Long Hotel Lock Battery Can Last?

A digital lock does drain its battery, how long the battery last on depends on the type of digital lock and battery you use. Some digital lock aren’t connect to Wi-Fi, batteries should be last around a year. When our hotel lock trigger “Low Voltage Warning” Indication, The lock still be opened about 100 times and give user had enough time to replace it. Thanks to the “Low power waste” (LPW) technology, the Hotel lock can be used for more than 1 year normally with 4pcs AA Alkaline (LR6) batteries.

What can cause lock batteries drain faster?

  1. Using the wrong kind of batteries. Heavy duty batteries are shorter shelf life and store about half the power of alkaline batteries, resulting in a much shorter lifespan for a standard application. Leading experts in digital lock suggest using quality alkaline batteries brand like Energizer, Panasonic, GP batteries. Our recommendation battery brand is using Maxell Alkaline, due we tested out most reliability & performance compare other brands.
  2. Using expired batteries, bigger chances that they won’t last long. Because batteries power are depleted stored for a long period due they self-discharge. Important to check expiry date before using.
  3. Don’t mixed new battery together with old battery due internal resistant current flow are different state, that will cause newer battery drain much faster than normal usage.
  4. Rechargeable battery (NiCad, NiMH) not advisable to use on hotel lock, due to higher discharge rate than non- rechargeable batteries. That cause power supply fall quickly.


  • When use lower quality batteries, they won’t last long! Unfortunately, cheap is not always quality. Drawback is batteries need more often to replace new batteries regularly or cause battery terminal corroded.
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